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    Update your will or trust. Avoid probate with a quit claim or ladybird deed.
    Experienced lawyer in Coconut Creek near Wynmoor, Township and Palm Aire.
    Call if you need a special needs trust or amendment to your estate planning.
    Review documents from out-of-state. Update your durable power of attorney.

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    Time is money. (What's your time worth?) Is it worth spending unnecessary time to travel down a wrong road, or overlook an important detail? It's usually easier (and cheaper) to prevent problems than to fix them. It's also frequently faster and easier (and cheaper for you) for a knowledgeable lawyer to be on board from the beginning, rather than having to get up to speed in order to supplement, re-do, or edit what's already been done. Can you "do it yourself"? Maybe. You're likely to be capable of it. Information is readily available, and you know how to get it. But you also know the adage about a "little knowledge." And you're keenly aware that experience creates efficiency. You also know that even when information is accurate, it can be misleading, or just too tedious to plumb through. And advice that works quite well for some still might not be right for you. (That's why you see so many "not legal advice" disclaimers. You won't find one here.)

    How do you measure the savings from not having to fix future problems that never happen? You don't. You're a successful person with productive things to do, and that's why you just... call the lawyer.
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