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    It's not pleasant to think of death, divorce, financial planning, litigation, unexpected loss or other what-ifs when you're in love, about to be married, looking forward to a new child, relocating, or just making plans together. Too often we embark upon the most significant of life's events without considering how we will handle other significant events if they also arise. We may avoid doing so even when problems are looming. But beforehand is when small changes might make a big difference later. Family legal issues can be intractable, prolonged, and almost unimaginably painful. It's one of the worst times to first seek information and counsel. A confusing, conflicting array of financial, psychological, and parenting advice, as well as "divorce and custody help" books, articles and websites, offer opinions, products, and services. (Many have "not legal advice" disclaimers that you won't see here.)

    When is it too soon to learn what you need to know later? It's never too soon. Life's tragedies may not all be avoidable, but legal problems frequently are. Don't wait until your options are limited, and you're frantic for help. This is your life, and it's too important to do wrong.
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    Child Development Research Issues

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    Post-Divorce Relocation

    Public Policy Issues and Legislative Analysis

    Children's Attorney ad Litem

    Constitutional and Gender Discrimination Issues

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    Settlement Negotiations and Property Transfers

    Post-Judgment Financial Planning Issues

    Appeals, Research and Brief Writing, Selected Appellate Issues

    Parenting and Educational Issues

    Collaborative Family Law, Cooperative Law, Creative Strategies

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    contact Elizabeth J. Kates, Esq. Law Offices: Pompano Beach, Florida collaborative family lawyer. Consultation on child custody issues and forensic psychologist issues throughout the U.S.
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