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    Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Revocable Living Trusts, Codicils, Quit Claim Deeds, Ladybird Deeds, Health Care Surrogate, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Probate
    Pompano Beach elder law, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate

    A note about "information overload". There's lots of advice out there, both good and bad. How do you know which is which? Family members may be knowledgeable and have your interests at heart, or they may have their own agendas. Friends may make false assumptions, not really knowing your unique situation, but telling you all about what they did. The purpose of free seminars is marketing. Non-lawyers use your legal needs as a come-on to sell insurance and financial products. (Sometimes they do refer you to lawyers but too often those are lawyers who also represent them or send them business).

    Can you "do it yourself"? Maybe. And maybe not. Legal issues are tricky that way, because unlike a do-it-yourself home project, you don't find out right away if you've made a mistake. The repercussions can come years later, including when it's too late to fix things. Plenty of litigation arises out of the misplaced or unclear word or phrase in a legal document. You can buy a form -- that's trendy these days -- but that presumes that (1) you know what forms you need, (2) you how to fill in the forms, which might not be as simple as the company marketing the forms would like you to believe, and (3) you have the ability to recognize what is omitted from the forms that you should add in. A document, remember, is only the culmination of what you should do, so even a perfectly drafted document (or filled-in form) is no good if that's not what you should have done in the first place.

    If you're dealing with assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or wanting to prevent future litigation, why would you risk making a costly mistake to save what may not amount to pennies on the dollar. The internet is loaded with confusing and often contradictory material and articles. Often the material is there to "beef up" someone's website, but even solid information usually is elementary and incomplete, and might not even be right for you. (Notice the "not legal advice" disclaimers -- you won't find one here.)

    So what should you do? What you should do is do it right. Meet with your lawyer, and don't make an expensive mistake.
    Broward County estate planning lawyer, wills, trusts, special needs trusts, probate, letters of administration, 
health care surrogate, elder law

    Wills and Trusts
    (Last Will and Testament; Pourover Will; Complex wills; Codicils; Amendments; Review Out-of-State Wills and Other Estate Planning Documents)

    Revocable Living Trusts

    Insurance Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Trust Amendments; Trust Restatements
    (Special Needs Trusts, Medicaid Planning Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Charitable)

    Powers of Attorney for Property
    (Durable Powers of Attorney, Military Powers of Attorney)

    Medical Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives
    (Health Care Surrogate or Health Care Proxy; DNR Review; Living Will)

    Real Estate Deeds and Other Property Purchases, Sales, Transfers
    (Quit Claim Deed, Ladybird Deed, Enhanced Life Estate Deed, Trust Deed)

    Elder Law; Charitable Planning

    Documents for Minors Turning 18 -- and their parents
    (FERPA and HIPAA releases, Simple Wills, Durable Powers
    of Attorney for School and Military, Health Care)

    Family Partnerships

    Domestic Partnership Issues

    Asset Protection

    Guardianship Issues
    (Pre-need Declaration of Guardianship)

    Pre-Divorce Planning, Post-Divorce Planning

    Prenuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements
    (Premarital / Antenuptial Agreement)

    Avoid Probate

    Post-Mortem Planning

    Probate and Trust Administration

    Broward County and Palm Beach County estate planning law, wills trusts, probate
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    Pompano Beach, Florida elder lawyer, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate

    Estate Planning, Family Planning, Florida Family Law Appeals

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